DCR-972 DigiCeiver SCPC/MCPC Audio/Data Receiver

The Model DCR-972 DigiCeiver is a multi-function, programmable data/audio receiver intended for use in satellite based broadcast systems. Its many applications include worldwide news services, radio program distribution to network affiliates, nationwide advertising distribution, financial and banking services, paging broadcasts, music distribution, corporate database updates, software distribution, and others.

DCR-974 DigiCeiver MCPC Audio/Data Receiver With Store and Forward Capability

The Model DCR-974 DigiCeiver is a digitally implemented data and audio receiver intended for use in satellite based broadcast systems. The DCR-974 is a high capacity, MCPC receiver with a unique store and forward capability. Utilizing newly available digital technology, the DCR-974 has an internal hard drive and/or flash memory storage for real time recording of audio and data files. Ideally suited to digital satellite radio broadcast applications, the DCR-974 provides many attractive features including:

DCR-981 DigiCeiver SCPC/MCPC Audio Receiver

ICP's new DCR-981 DigiCeiver is the only Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) audio receiver that can also be utilized in a Multi Channel Per Carrier (MCPC) mode. Specifically designed for expanding existing SCPC networks, the DCR-981 is compatible with other manufacturer's networks. Its unique capability for MCPC mode, makes meeting future network demands for MCPC operation possible without changing receivers. Some of the DCR-981 features include: