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International Communications Products was founded in 1992 specifically to satisfy the needs of news services, radio networks, financial services, and other broadcast networks, requiring high quality, reliable satellite communications systems. Working closely with The Associated Press, ICP was the first to develop a fully agile, digital data and audio receiver for news and photo distribution. Trademarked "DigiCeiver", this product line continued to grow during the 1990's with faster, more capable receivers, head-end equipment and application specific software. In 1998, introduction of the multi-function, DCR-972 DigiCeiver revolutionized the Associated Press worldwide digital satellite network. Approximately 5,000 DCR-972 receivers are now in operation for the AP on six different continents utilizing 6 different satellites. Its multi-function versatility not only provides data services but audio as well. AP Radio, one of the largest news radio networks in the United States distributes its programming via the same ICP receiver.

ICP has continued the evolution of the DigiCeiver product line with the introduction of the DCR-974 DigiCeiver. The DCR-974, with a built in audio and data store and forward capability, will add a new dimension to satellite radio broadcasting. The DCR-974 store and forward allows broadcasters to localize spots, record real time feeds for delayed playback, time zone shift programming, store data for later use along with other unique features. In 1999, ICP was awarded a contract by Learfield Communications of Jefferson City, MO to convert their existing analog satellite network to an all digital system including over 500 affiliate sites with the DCR-974 receiver and head-end equipment. ICP is currently working with other public and private radio networks and international news agencies for implementing their next generation satellite networks.

Along with receivers, ICP provides complete head-end equipment. Our time division and packet multiplexers allow multi-channel per carrier (MCPC) operation with all ICP receivers. With the latest DCM-970 TDM Multiplexer, up to 48 inputs consisting of data or audio can be combined into a single aggregate data stream. Using our Network Control and Monitoring System, head-end operators can configure and control the entire network of receivers.

ICP is located on Florida's Space Coast, drawing engineering and manufacturing talent from an area known for high technology and advanced communications companies. ICP is a Florida Corporation, under the direction of its founders, H.S. "Diz" Caldwell, President and CEO and Charles R. Burr, Vice President of Engineering.

Prior to incorporating ICP, Mr. Caldwell and Mr. Burr along with several other former Harris Corporation executives, founded Advanced Communications Engineering, Inc. (ADCOM) in 1982 to develop and implement satellite communications products and systems. In 1988, ADCOM was acquired by Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. to better expand into the VSAT and international markets. In 1992, ICP was founded and in 1996, ICP reacquired the Scientific-Atlanta satellite data broadcast business.

Since its inception, ICP has been in the forefront of satellite broadcast technology and has a track record of supporting the news services and data broadcasting industries through a variety of communications projects and services. The ICP team experience includes: the development and production of the Associated Press (AP) Laserphoto equipment; the conceptual design and prototype implementation of the initial satellite news distribution system for the American Newspaper Publishers Association; and development and implementation of the United Press International (UPI) satellite news distribution system.

During their tenure with Scientific-Atlanta, Mr. Caldwell and Mr. Burr were instrumental in development of the spectrum efficient digital audio (SEDAT) system for digital radio satellite broadcast for the ABC and CBS radio networks; implementation of the AP uplink earth station in Kansas City, providing transmitting and receiving equipment for two satellite financial information distribution systems in Thailand; and development and production of the AP international packetized satellite news distribution system for South America and Europe.