All Digital Technology, More Flexibility

The DigiCeiver® family utilizes newly available digital technology to allow a wide degree of flexibility without the necessity of hardware configuration changes. Digital circuitry allows data rates and other key functions to be easily changed at the DigiCeiver's front panel or changed remotely over the satellite link or via the receiver's remote port.

The operation of the demodulator can also be customized for the receiver's environment. For example, the sweep width of the carrier tracking loop can be adjusted to match the wide range of LNBs now available.

Integrated Network Control System Provides Total System Control

The ICP integrated network control system provides for control of the entire system (head-end and receiving terminals) from a single "PC" computer at the head-end location. This means the system can be reconfigured to meet the changing needs of a growing business. The NCS computer also provides an interface for remote network control and monitor as well as specialized network management systems.

Flexible Data Rates Save On Satellite Costs

DigiCeiver's fully adjustable data rate means you will pay only for the data rate you need. Most receivers have only one or at most a few preset data rates. If your data rates sometimes fall between a lower and a higher preset rate, you will pay for the next highest preset rate even if you exceed the lower rate only slightly. With the DigiCeiver's fully adjustable data rate you will pay for only the satellite capacity you require at the moment it is needed.

Optimum Performance in Ku or C-Band Environments

Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Nyquist signaling, and sequential forward error correction (FEC) provide for fast signal acquisition and optimum satellite bandwidth and power utilization thus minimizing downtime and interference while significantly reducing satellite utilization costs.