Network Control and Monitoring System

The Network Control and Monitoring System (NCMS) is a graphical interface Microsoft Windows based software package running on an industrial PC-based subsystem which provides the user total capability to monitor and control the system including receiver authorizations, channel assignments, data rates, port configurations, and status of all key elements (even the receivers, if they are provided with terrestrial modems).

In MCPC audio/data systems, in addition to the audio and voice/data channels there is an 8 kbps network control (NCS) channel multiplexed into each carrier which allows complete control of each audio receiver from its associated multiplexer. In SCPC audio systems where only one or two mono channels or a single stereo channel is broadcast, and if no control over the link is required, then the multiplexer and NCS may not be utilized.

The DCM-960 and the downlink receivers are controlled via the NCS computer. The NCS computer is an industrial quality PC computer running a windows based ICP NCS software package. The NCS software provides an easy to use operator interface to allow configuration of the system as well as ongoing performance monitoring. The features of the NCS software are summarized below:

NCS Uplink Configuration Screen

NCS Monitoring Screen

Performance Logger/Hour

Performance Logger/Minute

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