Press Release - February '00

JazzWorks Places Order for ICP Store and Forward Digital Satellite Audio System for Radio

JazzWorks, LLC -- a partnership of WDUQ, Pittsburgh, and Boise State Radio -- has ordered a complete digital satellite audio system, including ICP's latest receivers with store and forward capability. The new DCR-974 DigiCeiver provides for the reception of real-time national audio streams, while also processing localized audio for delayed playback during station breaks.

International Communications Products (ICP), Inc. of West Melbourne, Florida will provide complete head-end and receiver equipment to be used in a new satellite distributive production audio network, funded in part by a Corporation for Public Broadcasting Future Fund.

JazzWorks is a "straight-ahead" jazz format that uplinks from its facilities on the campus of Boise State University. JazzWorks selected ICP's DCR-974 receiver because its built in flash-memory store and forward capability allows for customization of affiliate stations' local content by national program hosts. The store and forward capability will also enable radio stations without automation equipment to operate unattended, while still broadcasting local current content such as traffic reports or weathercasts produced "just in time" for broadcast. The JazzWorks system consists of ICP's 48 port digital multiplexer, audio encoders and the DCR-974 receiver.

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