Press Release - Nov '00

ICP Newest Line of DigiCeiver® Receivers and Digital Head-End Products with Store and Forward Capability are Ready for Production

International Communications Products has rewritten the future of satellite radio broadcasting with their newest line of digital head-end and receiver products. The DCR-974 DigiCeiver® MCPC satellite receiver and DCM-970 Multiplexer team up to provide a store and forward capability never seen before in radio broadcasting.

ICP's latest receiver is the DCR-974 DigiCeiver® provides a highly functional solution for satellite broadcasting of audio and data networks. In audio store and forward applications, this equipment consists of the DCR-974 receiver, along with its SAP-104 audio processor card. The DCR-974 is a satellite receiver providing highly reliable reception of digitized information at rates up to 4.096 megabits per second. In addition, it provides demultiplexing of the incoming signal as well as providing a flexible platform for the download capture and replay of audio files. The SAP-104 card performs MPEG decoding of both stored and real-time audio. The DCR-974/SAP-104 combination forms a highly capable remote receiver/recorder/player. Up to 30 hours of audio at 128 kbps can be stored on hard drive and up to 2 hours on a 128 MB flash drive.

Production deliveries of the DCR-974 receiver are scheduled to start in the fourth quarter of 2000. The customer has an option of storage media type, either hard drive, flash or none.

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