Press Release - April '99

The Associated Press Awards Follow On Contract to ICP for Additional Satellite Data/Audio Receivers and State-Of-The-Art Multiplexer

The Associated Press (AP) has awarded International Communications Products (ICP), Inc. of West Melbourne, Florida a substantial follow on contract for its DCR-972 DigiCeiver Digital Satellite Broadcast Receiver and its newly developed DCM-970 Time Division Multiplexer

The new contract brings the total DCR-972 receivers ordered by The AP to over 4,300 units. ICP's new state-of-the-art time division multiplexer, Model DCM-970, will provide AP up to 32 input channels for data, audio and IP multicasting information on a single carrier. The additional receivers will be utilized by The AP for expanding their satellite service in South America. The AP is currently implementing a new nationwide Ku-band satellite network and upgrading their existing C-band and Ku-band network worldwide.

Deliveries on the initial contract of 4000 DCR-972 receivers started in June 1998 and remain on schedule. More than 2200 of the receivers along with other ICP head-end equipment have been shipped to date. Deliveries will continue until later this year when the first phase of the contract completes.

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